Data Submission Tracking

ESCALATES, in collaboration with the regional Cooperatives, is assembling one of the largest data sets on small- and medium-sized primary care practices, which includes data essential to understanding health care delivery transformation and improving heart health across the country. Below is an overview of the number of non-withdrawn practices that have submitted baseline data for the Practice Survey, the Practice Member Survey, and the ABCS Clinical Quality Measures (Aspirin, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Smoking). The ESCALATES team is constantly updating and analyzing this abundance of data. Continue to check back as we update the tracking numbers on a monthly basis!


1,531 non-withdrawn practices have submitted data

1,388 PS, 1,400 PMS, 1,446 ABCS (any of the four Clinical Quality Measures)
1,238 have submitted data for all (PS, PMS and any of the four ABCS Clinical Quality Measures)

The ESCALATES quantitative data is a longitudinal data set; all seven Cooperatives are – collectively – gathering data from 1500 practices over time. Beyond the above baseline, there will be quarterly reports of ABCS data to monitor and study change over time, and two follow-up assessments of practices capacity, via the Practice Survey and the Practice Member Survey, one immediately following completion of the intervention, and one 6-months later. For more on our evaluation design, see our Protocol Paper.

Last Updated: February 6, 2018