Lead Research Team

The ESCALATES team is composed of diverse specialists from across the United States. Evaluation members include nationally-acclaimed qualitative and quantitative researchers, administrators and investigators hailing from some of the nation’s most prominent hospitals and respected research organizations.

Deborah Cohen, PhD

Principal Investigator

ESCALATES, the national evaluation of EvidenceNOW, energizes me because it will teach us how to advance cardiac prevention, and identify the best strategies for accelerating large-scale, rapid dissemination and implementation of evidence among primary care practices.


Leah Gordon, MPH

Project Director

I look forward to developing innovative ways of communicating the initiatives' findings to providers, academics, and policymakers, and supporting meaningful advances to cardiovascular health.

Bijal Balasubramanian, MBBS, PhD

Quantitative Team Lead

Our team has the opportunity to examine the cardiovascular primary care system on an unprecedented scale, helping usher in fundamental improvements to the real-world implementation of evidence.

K. John McConnell, PhD

Lead Economist

I am excited to discover what an implementation-focused study of this magnitude will reveal about which strategies for practice change work, and just as importantly, how and why they are effective.

Miguel Marino, PhD

Lead Biostatistician

ESCALATES provides an unprecedented opportunity to gain insight into the state of primary care clinics’ delivery of heart health care to patients, and how to improve, on a large scale, practices’ capacity to use evidence to improve patient lives.

Benjamin Crabtree, PhD

Qualitative Team Lead

EvidenceNOW is the largest and most innovative initiative ever undertaken and it’s a real privilege for me to work with the ESCALATES team as we attempt to learn from this groundbreaking effort.

Sarah Ono, PhD

Qualitative Team Co-Lead

ESCALATES and the EvidenceNOW initiative will inform the national conversation about healthcare in the United States for years to come. Our research and findings are going to clarify the landscape of primary care on a never before seen scale.

Leif I. Solberg, MD

Dissemination Team Lead

This program provides a unique opportunity to improve our understanding of how to transform primary care, providing it with a much greater ability to improve health, patient experience, and costs while restoring joy to those performing this important work.

William L. Miller, MD, MA

National Advisory Committee Lead

Through our work, I am eager to witness, learn and participate in how to rebuild a more vigorous primary care infrastructure.