Healthy Hearts Northwest: Improving Practice Together

Geographic Region: Northwest (Idaho, Oregon, Washington)

Reach: Practices (250-320), Providers (750-969), Population (1.13-1.44million)

Healthy Hearts Northwest (H2N) is the EvidenceNow cooperative for the Pacific Northwest region consisting of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The project core goals include providing and assessing the efficacy of external practice support strategies to build quality improvement capacity, improve patient-centered outcomes and ABCS adoption, and ultimately develop effective models for effective scale-up and spread of QI capacity support.

Project Features

  • Project will provide core  support (practice coaching, webinars, office hours with experts) to all practices.
  • The design will test two enhanced spread strategies: 1) support for site visits to peer exemplars, and 2) a peer-led educational outreach program on use of a cardiovascular risk calculator.
  • Project will have significant participation by rural practices.
  • Regional design allows the Cooperative to understand how contextual state-level factors  impact the delivery of practice support.

Cooperative Partners

  • MacColl Center for Health Care Innovation
  • Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute
  • Qualis Health
  • Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network (ORPRN) at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
  • Institute of Translational Health Sciences at University of Washington School of Medicine