EvidenceNOW Southwest

Geographic Region: Southwest (Colorado, New Mexico)

Reach: Practices (260), Providers (810-900), Population (1.23-1.35 million)

EvidenceNOW Southwest (ENSW) is designed to support two closely intertwined efforts in Colorado (University of Colorado Denver, Colorado Health Extension System) and New Mexico (University of New Mexico, New Mexico Health Extension Rural Offices).  ENSW supports small- to medium-sized primary care practices in building quality improvement capacity, with a focus on improving cardiovascular disease care.  Designed as a cluster randomized trial, ENSW will evaluate the impact of a standard practice transformation intervention (including practice facilitation, practice assessment, HIT assistance, academic detailing, and collaborative learning sessions) and the incremental benefit of adding patient engagement activities (including patient advisory councils and boot camp translation).  ENSW will identify key practice characteristics (e.g., practice size, organization, setting, and level of experience with practice redesign efforts) and other contextual factors that impact the response of practices to these two practice transformation interventions.

Project Features

  • Rural mountain states.
  • Practices receive support from a transformation “team”: practice facilitators, clinical health information technology advisors, regional health connectors (in Colorado), and health extension rural officers (in New Mexico).
  • Cluster randomized trial to evaluate the incremental benefit of adding patient engagement activities to transformation efforts versus a standard practice transformation intervention and a control group.
  • Use of the Boot Camp Translation process, in which practices and patients collaborate to translate best practices into culturally- and community-relevant terms for use in practices receiving the patient engagement intervention.

Cooperative Partners

  • University of Colorado at Denver
  • University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
  • Colorado Health Extension System
  • New Mexico Health Extension Rural Offices [HEROs]
  • Colorado Foundation for Public Health and Environment