Heart of Virginia Healthcare

Geographic Region: Virginia

Reach: Practices (300), Providers (900), Population (1.35 million)

The Heart of Virginia HealthcareCooperative (HVH) encompasses the entire richly diverse state. The project aims to revitalize underperforming primary care practices using multiple levels of support including in-person training, expert consultation, and online learning modules. The study has developed a detailed data feedback and benchmarking system to allow them to receive comprehensive practice-reported data regarding their experience and training effectiveness.

Project Features

  • Extension of an existing state-supported primary care transformation initiative.
  • Use of motivational speakers and peer support to generate physician interest in restoring joy to the practice of medicine.
  • Focus on a mix of urban and rural populations.

Cooperative Partners

  • George Mason University
  • Virginia Center for Health Innovation
  • Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Health Quality Innovators
  • Community Health Solutions
  • Virginia Tech Carillon School of Medicine
  • University of Virginia School of Medicine
  • Eastern Virginia Medical School