academyhealth annual research meeting

Academy Health Annual Research Meeting | June 24-26, 2018

academyhealth annual research meeting

Academy Health Annual Research Meeting

Seattle, WA | June 24-26, 2018

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Contextual Factors Influence the Scale and Spread of EvidenceNOW

Authors: Sarah S. Ono, Leah Tuzzio, Shannon Sweeney, Cynthia Perry, Tanisha Tate Woodson, Jen Hall, Deborah J. Cohen, Laura Damschroder

Findings: State- and local community-level factors, as well as national policy change such as value-based payment, influenced Cooperative’s efforts at engaging practices (recruitment) and implementing quality improving changes within practices.  Contextual factors affecting Cooperative work included: health system consolidation, networks and existing partnerships, diversity of health organizations in region, lack of Medicaid expansion, level of rurality, and community resources and culture. Based on these empirical findings and using real-life examples, we make recommendations to expand and further explicate CFIR’s Outer Setting domain to include the factors that influence the work of healthcare extensions. Linking identified CFIR constructs (patient needs and resources, cosmopolitanism, peer pressure, external policy and incentives) to EvidenceNOW data allowed us to identify external factors that helped or hindered extensions’ ability to engage and support primary care practices.


Innovative Methods for Studying Complex Interventions: Qualitative Methods, Process Evaluation and Applying the New PCORI Methodology Standards

Invited Panel: Deborah Cohen

Topic: Process evaluation (logic models and the theory behind studying complex intervention and qualitative methods)


Online Diaries as an Innovative Qualitative Data Collection Method

Invited Panel: Deborah Cohen

Topic: The use of online diaries in qualitative data collection and analysis