napcrg annual meeting 2016

American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting | November 12-16, 2016

napcrg annual meeting 2016

American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting

Colorado Springs, CO | November 12-16, 2016

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Cardiovascular disease preventive services delivery rates among smaller primary care practices in 12 US States – Early Findings from EvidenceNOW

Authors: Miguel Marino, Bijal Balasubramanian, Eve Dexter, Marie Killerby, Leah Gordon, John McConnell, Stephan Lindner, Alex Preston, Benjamin Crabtree, Leif Solberg, Deborah Cohen

Conclusion: This large-scale multi-state study provides an opportunity to understand the current state of delivery of cardiovascular disease preventive services is among small-to-medium primary care practices. Since there is such large variation in ABCS delivery rates, careful attention to the factors associated with high and low ABCS performance should be helpful to clinics interested in becoming part of high performers.

Extracting Clinical Quality Measures Data from Smaller Primary Care Practices – Early Learning from AHRQ’s EvidenceNOW Initiative

Authors: Deb Cohen, Bijal Balasubramanian, Leah Gordon, Miguel Marino, Luke Rasmussen, Abel Kho, Stephen D. Persell, David Kendrick, David Dorr, Kyle Knierim, Wilson Pace, Jenna Sirkin, Sarah Shoemaker, Bob McNellis, Johnothan Smileye

Conclusion: Given the emphasis on creating a “continuously learning” health system, it is important to understand successful approaches and barriers to improve data quality, harmonize metrics, and use data to accelerate performance improvement and practice transformation.

Harmonizing Measures for EvidenceNOW - A National Initiative to Improve Cardiovascular Disease Preventive Care and Practice Capacity

Authors: Bijal Balasubramanian, Deborah Cohen, Leah Gordon, Hannah Kaplan, Alex Preston, Miguel Marino, John McConnell, Sarah Ono, Benjamin Crabtree

Conclusion: The harmonization process cultivated trust and partnerships among Cooperatives critical to the success of EvidenceNOW. Harmonization strategies used for this initiative are transferable to researchers conducting multi-site studies, and to practices and health systems seeking to harmonize measures for performance and quality improvement.

Recruiting Primary Care Practices in a Competitive Environment

Authors: Shannon Sweeney, Jen Hall, Sarah Ono, Rose Gunn, Jennifer Hemler, David Cameron, Leah Gordon, Leif Solberg, Deborah Cohen, Benjamin Crabtree

Conclusion: In this emerging environment, practices have less time to meet the barrage of competing demands and have more choices on initiative participation. Thus, the strategies demonstrated in EvidenceNOW expand upon prior recruitment strategies, reflect the time and resources required to satisfy recruitment goals, and highlight what is needed to successfully recruit practices in high demand for primary care research.