45th annual meeting montreal quebec

American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting | November 17-21, 2017

45th annual meeting montreal quebec

American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting

Montreal, Quebec | November 17-21, 2017

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Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Quality of Care Efforts Among Primary Care Practices Participating in Health Systems and Accountable Care Organizations

Authors: Stephan Lindner, Leif Solberg, Rachel Springer, Sam Edwards, John McConnell, Tom Kottke, Cynthia Perry, Bijal Balasubramanian, Miguel Marino, Leah Gordon, Alex Preston and Deborah Cohen

Findings: While practices participating in these two organizational structures employed a number of strategies to provide high-quality care, only health systems practices showed higher performance. This result suggests that the two organizational structures may be different in their success in improving care.


Preventive Cardiovascular Disease Services Delivery Rates and Associated Practice Characteristics Among 1,115 Small-to-Medium Primary Care Practices

Authors: Miguel Marino, Bijal Balasubramanian, Rachel Springer, Leah Gordon, Sam Edwards, John McConnell, Stephan Lindner, Alex Preston, Benjamin Crabtree, Leif Solberg, Kurt Stange, Tom Kottke, Deborah Cohen

Findings: ABCS delivery rates vary widely across US small-to-medium primary care practices. Practices with higher EHR capabilities, higher use of systematic, team-based strategies, and fewer disruptive events had higher rates of ABCS quality measures. While disruptive events cannot be controlled, smaller primary care practices and their patients may benefit from external quality improvement support to implement system-wide, team-based strategies for CVD preventive care delivery.


Building and Supporting Practice Facilitation Infrastructure for Large-Scale Quality Improvement Initiatives

Authors: Deborah Cohen, Tanisha Woodson, Benjamin Crabtree, Shannon Sweeney, Sarah Ono, Jennifer Hemler, Jennifer Hall, Bernadette Zakher, David Cameron

Findings: Training, ongoing support and quality monitoring is needed to support large-scale practice facilitation that aims to improve quality through the dissemination and implementation of evidence to primary care practices.


Burnout Among Clinicians and Staff in Small to Medium Sized Primary Care Practices

Authors: Samuel Edwards, Miguel Marino, Bijal Balasubramanian, Steele Valenzuela, Rachel Springer, Alex Preston, Leif Solberg, Kurt Stange, Tom Kottke, Brianna Muller, Tanisha Tate Woodson, Jennifer Hemler, William Miller, Cynthia Perry, Deborah Cohen

Findings: Lack of practice autonomy may be an important determinant of burnout.


Factors Associated with Use of Quality Improvement Strategies Among Small-To-Medium Sized Primary Care Practices in The United States

Authors: Bijal Balasubramanian, Miguel Marino,  David Ezekiel, Rachel Springer, Leah Gordon, Alex Preston, Benjamin Crabtree, Leif Solberg, Kurt Stange, Rikki Ward, Samuel Edwards, John McConnell, Tom Kottke, Jennifer Hemler, Will Miller, Stephan Lindner, Cynthia Perry, Deborah Cohen

Findings: Use of QI strategies varied greatly among small-to-medium-size primary care practices where majority of Americans receive care. Findings suggest the need to strengthen practice EHR capabilities and organizational makeup to enhance health care quality.