New Prevention Priorities Update Highlights the Importance of ABCS Focus

Leif Solberg, MD, ESCALATES Dissemination Team Lead


abcs-logo-image6In a 2017 update of priorities among clinical preventive services recommended by the US Preventive Services Task Force, the National Commission on Prevention Priorities has identified those evidence-based services that are the most cost effective and have the most impact on population health. Only 5 preventive services are actually cost-saving: 1) childhood immunization, 2) tobacco use preventive counseling for youth, 3) tobacco use screening and cessation counseling for adults, 4) alcohol misuse screening and counseling, and 5) aspirin use in those at high risk of cardiovascular disease. Additionally, out of the 28 total clinical preventive services rated, cholesterol and hypertension screening came in #9 and #10 respectively; so the ABCS targets for EvidenceNOW accounted for 5 of the top 10 priority services. Delivering these services well to patients is one of the best possible uses of valuable primary care time and efforts, and EvidenceNOW will be providing important lessons for doing so.


Maciosek et al. Updated priorities among effective clinical preventive services. Ann Fam Med 2017;15:14-22

Read the Full Updated Priorities Here