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Understanding the Impact of Variations in Measurement Period Reporting for Electronic Clinical Quality Measures

Nicholas V. Colin, Raja A. Cholan, Bhavaya Sachdeva, Benjamin E. Nealy, Michael L. Parchman, David A. Dorr

Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes. Summer 2018 vol. 6 issue 1:17. DOI: 10.5334/egems.235

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From Concepts and Codes to Healthcare Quality Measurement: Understanding Variations in Value Set Vocabularies for a Statin Therapy Clinical Quality Measure

Raja A. CholanNicole G. WeiskopfDoug L. RhotonBhavaya SachdevaNicholas V. ColinShelby J. Martin, David A. Dorr

Generating Evidence & Methods to improve patient outcomes. November 2017 vol. 5 issue 1. DOI: 10.5334/egems.212

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Virtual Educational Outreach Intervention in Primary Care Based on the Principles of Academic Detailing.

Laura-Mae Baldwin, Michael A. Fischer, Jennifer Powell, Erika Holden, Leah Tuzzio, Lyle J. Fagnan, Jeff Hummel, Michael L. Parchman

Journal of Continuing Education in Health Professions. Fall 2018 vol. 38 issue 4. Pages 269-275. DOI:10.1097/CEH.0000000000000224

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Engaging Primary Care Practices in Studies of Improvement: Did You Budget Enough for Practice Recruitment?

Lyle J. Fagnan, Theresa L. Walunas, Michael L. Parchman, Caitlin L. Dickinson, Katrina M. Murphy, Ross Howell, Kathryn L. Jackson, Margaret B. Madden, James R. Ciesla, Kathryn D. Mazurek, Abel N. Kho, Leif I. Solberg

Annals of Family Medicine. April 2018 vol. 16:Supp 1 S72-S79. DOI: 10.1370/afm.2199

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Study protocol for “Healthy Hearts Northwest”: a 2 × 2 randomized factorial trial to build quality improvement capacity in primary care

Michael L. Parchman, Lyle J. FaganDavid A. DorrPeggy EvansAndrea J. CookRobert B. PenfoldClarissa HauAllen CheadleLaura-Mae Baldwin and Leah Tuzzio

Implementation Science. October 2016 vol. 11:138. DOI:10.1186/s13012-016-0502-7

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