Recruiting Practices for Change Initiatives: Findings from EvidenceNOW

Recruiting primary care practices can be a difficult undertaking. ESCALATES published in the American Journal of Medical Quality to provide insight into key elements of recruitment from the large EvidenceNOW recruitment process. Below is the abstract for the paper, and key learnings from the analysis.

Engaging primary care practices in initiatives designed to enhance quality, reduce costs and promote safety is challenging as practices are already participating in numerous projects and mandated programs designed to improve care delivery and . Recruiters must expand their recruitment tools to engage today’s practices in quality improvement. Using grant proposals, online diaries, observational site visits, and interviews with key stakeholders we identify successful practice recruitment strategies in the EvidenceNOW initiative, which aimed to recruit approximately 1500 small-to-medium-sized primary care practices. Recruiters learned they needed to articulate how participation in EvidenceNOW aligned with other initiatives and could help practices succeed with federal and state initiatives, recognition programs, and existing or future payment requirements. Recruiters, initiative leaders and funders must now consider how their efforts align with ongoing initiatives to successfully recruit and engage practices, ease practice burden, and encourage participation in efforts that support practice transformation.

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